November 2019

The JLM GDI Gasoline Direct Injector Cleaner
Today’s emission standards mean that modern petrol cars are in the main equipped with direct fuel injections. This is beneficial on many levels but the direct fuel injector system presents problems that the traditional fuel deposit control additives simply cannot solve.

With direct fuel injection vehicles the fuel is isolated from the valves and sprays going directly into the combustion chamber itself. This means that the valves don’t have the natural cleaning effect of the fuel mix on top of them; something that occurs naturally with indirect injection vehicles.

The JLM Direct Injector Cleaner has been designed, formulated and manufactured to the highest recognised standards to address each one of these problems in one easy to apply super powerful formula. As with all JLM products it has been developed as a trade product for use by the professional motor mechanic in the professional workshop. 3 The JLM Direct Injector Cleaner will clean the inside of the injectors and the injector mouth. 3 It will restore fuel economy 3 It will lower emissions And all in just one ‘pour in’ application. No mixing, minimal vehicle preparation time; no fuss.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Look at the chart showing the vehicle tests we conducted with this trade formula product. · Within just one hour of application the injection time and the emissions were restored to the factory settings. JLM Direct Injector Cleaner tests – injection timing

Easy to apply Easy to apply. Simply pour and go! 250ml treats one full tank of petrol (ca. 60ltr.) This GDI Injector Cleaning technology has been tested against the leading traditional gasoline detergent technologies/ chemistries and found to provide a superior clean up performance (faster, and more complete) compared to the older techs. In tests the clean up performance of this patented product was demonstrably faster and more efficient than other detergent technologies. This chemical formulation was especially designed for GDI application, whereas other detergents are for IVD and may (or may not) give only some GDI effect. In addition to the detergent chemistry, this product also contains a friction modifier for instantaneous fuel economy benefit, a demulsifier to minimise water pick up, corrosion inhibitor and an antioxidant for enhanced fuel stability.

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