May 2019

40 attendees from 20 countries as far afield as Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore attended the JLM 2019 international distributor conference. The venue for day one was the Sheraton hotel, Schipol Amsterdam. On day two distributors saw JLM products put through their paces by a team of independent mechanics in workshops based in Alkmaar, The Netherlands.

Speaking about the event, Gilbert Groot JLM founder and CEO said: “Our aim was to provide a platform for distributors to network, share expertise and learn more about JLM Lubricants’ products. At the event we launched our new point of sale tool kit for professional stockists aimed at helping them reach more trade customers. We also spoke about our plans to build on the formidable success of our new product catalogue JLM Drive.”

Speakers at the event included the international bestselling business author Dee Blick who delivered a keynote on the magic of marketing. JLM distributor for Australia and New Zealand, Brett Lloyd shared his approach to building JLM sales alongside his successful turbo business. Brett also revealed his plans to build JLM sales to $5 million in the next five years. Thanasis Argyroloulos from Digiparts Greece inspired delegates with his keynote on how Digiparts is building a thriving business with JLM products despite the challenging economy. Mark Hoff, JLM Lubricants Marketing Director spoke about JLM’s commitment to marketing -online and offline.

Said Gilbert Groot: “On the second day distributors spent several hours in the workshop. We make products that matter, that serve the professional motor mechanic. We really are a trade brand and our unrelenting focus is on sticking to the high quality benchmark we’ve established. It’s crucial therefore that the JLM distributors see our brand mission translate into practise.”

“As a team we felt humbled by the obvious commitment of our distributors and not simply the fact they took time out of their schedules to attend our conference, but their motivation to grow JLM business in their respective countries. A clear sign this is working is the fact our sales are up by 20% compared to last year,” concluded Groot.

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